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The Angelus Mountain Center (“the Site”) is a 55-acre site in Altadena, California. About 15 acres are used on a regular basis. The property includes a large stone lodge, four small cabins, two bathroom buildings, a swimming pool, garden, nature center and large grassy fields, as well as a caretaker’s cottage/house. 

Summerkids Camp, which serves campers ages 3-15, operates on the property from early June through the end of August, and runs a holiday program for three weeks each Christmas time. We offer a wide range of activities onsite, including archery, swimming, arts, crafts, gardening, sports, and more. 

This position will become available in early 2019.

Position Description: 

The Caretaker/Handyperson (“Caretaker”) is responsible for the overall appearance and ongoing management of the property’s buildings, grounds, equipment, and other facilities, both during the camp season and the off-season. The Caretaker serves as an on-site and first-person resource who ensures that the Site is in a condition of readiness for programs and renters. This may involve a variety of fix-it jobs, including plumbing, carpentry and landscaping.

This is a residential position, and the Caretaker would live full time on the property in a single family dwelling, which is provided as part of the compensation for this position.

While the majority of this job is a Monday-Friday schedule, the person filling this job will be called upon, from time to time, to work an alternate schedule that may include weekend days as a tradeoff for Monday-Friday as needed. In addition, the Caretaker is expected to be “on-call” for emergency tasks when they arise. 

An ideal candidate must be willing and able to complete many tasks and work often without supervision on a diverse group of tasks. 

The responsibilities for the Caretaker position could, in the right circumstance, be shared by a couple.

This is a full-time, salaried position, complete with housing, utilities and some additional benefits. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Represent Summerkids & The Angelus Mountain Center and its mission to the public, vendors, renters, regulatory agencies, program staff and program participants.

  • Serve as an important member of a team of staff members that provide support for Summerkids & The Angelus Mountain Center and their programs.

  • Supervise the Summerkids Groundskeeper, a paid full-time member of the staff. 

  • Provide a safe, clean and healthy environment to achieve the mission of giving children and adults an outdoor recreational experience where they can enjoy nature and thrive.

  • Landscaping, grounds maintenance and cleanup.

  • Painting, carpentry, plumbing.

  • Perform repairs and maintain functioning equipment including utility vehicles. 


You must…

  • Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent, plus five years of experience in two of the following areas: construction, maintenance work, facility and equipment management, gardening/landscaping, and/or vehicle repair.

  • Possess independent physical mobility sufficient to meet the specific requirements of this job (see below).

  • Have outstanding references from both current and previous employers. 

  • Have strong communication skills: Able to work with a wide variety of people and clearly articulate the needs and requirements for maintaining the facility and property.

  • Be able to pass a thorough security background check, complete with LiveScan fingerprinting.

  • Be well organized.

  • Good with children.

  • Must be comfortable working and living near the open forest, where wild animals can, at some times, be present, in a locale that is slightly isolated from more urban neighborhoods.

  • Spanish language skills a plus.

  • Flexible scheduling with availability to work weekends as needed.

  • Valid California driver's license with clean driving record.

  • U.S. work authorization.

Physical Requirements:

You must be able…

  • To lift at least 50 pounds

  • To walk in uneven terrain for at least three miles

  • To stand for 8 hours (with breaks)

  • To work in temperatures that range from 30° to 100°

Interested applications should fill out an online application below.   We will be setting up preliminary in-person and online interviews for candidates in whom we are interested.

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