2019 Extended Day Pricing

Extended Day is scheduled on a week-by-week basis. 

You can schedule your camper's Extended Day to be either concurrent with his or her enrollment or for the days that you need it. This can be done with your camper's initial application or closer to the time of camp via our online application.**** 

The prices below are for campers in all three programs. We do not bill by the hour.

In all three programs, we allow half-hour drop-off/pick-up windows before camp begins and at the end of the day. If you are dropping off or picking up during those periods, you do not need to sign up for Extended Day. Please see each program's page for more information on camp hours. 

Days A.M.
(7 a.m. until start of camp)
(end of camp until 6 p.m.)
Monday-Friday 59 80 118
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 48 64 86
Tuesday and Thursday 37 43 70
1 day or per day à la carte with advance notification*** 20 25
A late fee of $20 per camper per 15 minutes (inclusive) will be assessed after 6 p.m.

**** Advance notification for addition to Extended Day must be given before 6 p.m. the day before. Any addition to extended day after that will be billed $25 per morning and $30 per afternoon, regardless of how long your child is in extended care that day.

Please note that Extended Day is billed on a per-day basis. We do not pro-rate extended care.