We are proud to say that most of our counselors are our own Summerkids... all grown up, of course. We complement our own group by hiring a few counselors, new to Summerkids, who come highly recommended and who have certain skills we are looking for. 

The majority of our counselors are college students who hope to work with children full-time. The rest are college grads or teachers on summer break, who love spending their off time with us! All of them love working with children and can be both mature and zany. Many of them take on camp nicknames--Apollo, Rex, Tatonka, to name a few recent ones. Each is uniquely suited to work with the age group to which he or she is assigned. 

In addition, we also have a few openings each year in our “junior counselor in training” program--for former campers who are entering 10th, 11th and 12th grades and have a particular interest in working with children. See here for more information on that program. 

Each year, we conduct rigorous training sessions--both before camp starts and continuing throughout the summer--for all of our staff. All of our counselors have received basic first aid and CPR training, and more than half are certified lifeguards.