Each year, we hear so many nice things from parents and campers about their experience at our programs. 

Here's a sampling....

[My son] started as a first grader and it is something he looks forward to throughout the year...EVERY YEAR!! It is such a welcome break for him from the school year - he LOVES all the great (physical) activities :)

He has made some great friends that he now sees, on occasion, outside of Summerkids!

His Dad and I are so thankful that we found out about Summerkids when we did... It has given him many happy childhood memories!!

Thank you guys so much for creating such a safe, engaging environment!! He’s looking forward to trying out Challenge next summer!
— mother of Silas, age 11
All your staff and counselors are a pleasure to interact with and they really make Summerkids a wonderful place to be.
— Nicole, mother of Montana, age 8
This is our first time at your camp, and my daughter LOVES it!!! What a valuable and unique experience you are offering the children....
— Wiloeann, mother of Aubrey, age 9
Thank you for making another wonderful summer possible for my boys. My boys had an absolute blast.
— Katie, mother of 3 boys, ages 6, 8 & 11
The environment at Summerkids feels like a second home. Having been there for eight years, I know that you make lifelong friends, there are great counselors, and it is loads of fun. At Summerkids, you play all sorts of games, sing memorable camp songs, and the demographic there is for all sorts of people. The outdoor games, such as Dodgeball, Capture the Flag, Swimming, Archery, and even gardening, are tons of great fun, but if you’re i n the mood for something more relaxing, you can go up into the lodge, where they have board games, arts & crafts, and cooking.

Another great thing about Summerkids is the counselors. They’re funny, kind, and they make sure that your experience is the best it can be. Furthermore, there is almost no age discrimination at Summerkids ... so a 3rd grader could be great friends with a 5th grader.

My first memory of Summerkids is on the first day, when the head counselor introduced the two rules you had to follow during your time at Summerkids. They were, ‘Have fun, and help others have fun.’ And, in my opinion, everyone follows those rules. This is why every year I enthusiastically look forward to Summerkids.
— Miles, age 12